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Unmerciful- Unmercifully Beaten (2006)

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Brutal Death Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Death, Violence, Depravity...
Origin Formed in Current label Status
United States of America (Topeka, KS) 2001 Unique Leader Active
Current line-up
Clint Applehanz - Guitars (ex-Origin)
James King - Drums (ex-Origin)
Tony Reust - Vocals
Derek Engemann - Bass (Cast the Stone)
Justin Pain - Guitars
Former/past member(s)
Mark Manning - Vocals (ex-Origin)
Brian Owensby - Vocals
Jamie Serrano - Guitars (ex-Trails of Decay)
Nate Serrano - Bass
Jeremy Turner - Guitar (ex-Origin, ex-Cannibal Corpse)

Alex Webster played bass on song number 6 "Shotgun Sodomy"
1.Masochistic Rampage02:57
2.Cast to Flames03:21
3.Unmercifully Beaten01:36
4.Mass Execution03:21
6.Shotgun Sodomy02:09
7.Legion of Sickness02:06
8.Seething Darkness03:34
9.Catatonia (Suffocation Cover) (Live)04:05
10.Shotgun Sodomy (Live)02:47
11.Legion of Sickness (Live)02:22
Total playing time31:06
if the file demand you a password: strigoi
Nothing to say.... 9.5/10
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