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Ashen Light - God is Dead: Death is God (2006)

Ashen Light
Folkish Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Paganism, Ancient Legends(early); Satanism(later)
Origin Formed in Current label Status
Russia (Moscow) 1997 More Hate Productions Active
Current line-up
Alex - Guitar, Drums, Keyboards, Bass (ex-Crystal Abyss, Divizion S-187)
Belf - Vocals (ex-Sinful (Rus), ex-Blackcrowned (Rus))
Former/past member(s)
Valgrim - Vocals (Chernobog (Rus))
Gmur - Guitar (Atra Mustum)
Niyan - Keyboards (Atra Mustum)
Smurd - Drums
Vsegard - Vocals, Bass (Atra Mustum)
Father Sergey - Vocals
Blazheniy Amariy - Drums (on In "Accomplice Suffering - Conviction Is Hell!")
Mary "Priestess" - Guitars (Vipera Aspis)
Lord Demogorgon - Vocals (Black Shadow, H.E.W.D.A.T.)
Lexx - Bass (ex-Crystal Abyss)
Katerina - Keyboards
Additional notes
Formed under the name Pepel'nyi Svet in 1997, changed name to Ashen Light in 1998.
2.Devyat' Gramm (Nine Grams)02:03
4.Tvoy Ray I Tvoy Ad (Your Heaven and Your Hell)03:25
5.V Nityakh Sud'by (In the Threads of Fate)03:50
7.Bez Smerti Zhyzn' Poteryala By Smysl (chast 1) (Without Death, Life Would Have lost its Meaning (Part 1))04:34
8.Bez Smerti Zhyzn' Poteryala By Smysl (chast 2)(Without Death, Life Would Have lost its Meaning (Part 2))03:55
10.Vechnost' (Eternity)02:59
11.Put' K Zvyozdam (Path to the Stars)03:28
12.Smert-Bog (Death-God)03:56
13.untitled track03:26
14.untitled track02:12
Total playing time40:07


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