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Korova - Dead Like an Angel (1998)

Avant-Garde Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Death, Emotions, Angels, Sorrow
Origin Formed in Last label Status
Austria (Innsbruck) 1990 Napalm Records Changed name
Last known line-up
Martina Astner (Hornbacher) - Vocals (Dreams of Sanity, Alas, Therion (Swe), ex-Korovakill)
Susanne Eckbauer - Thermine, Glassorgan
Herwig Huber - Guitars
Moritz Neuner - Drums (ex-Abigor, Siegfried (Aut), ex-Dornenreich, Angizia, ex-Enid, Darkwell, ex-Evenfall (Ita), Korovakill, ex-Graveworm, Atrocity (Ger), Sternenstaub, Leaves' Eyes, Shadowcast, ex-Dark Embrace (Esp), Angry Angels, ex-Golden Dawn)
Christof Niederwieser - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards (Korovakill, Shining of Kliffoth, Angizia)
Florian Oberlechner - Bass, Accordion
Former/past member(s)
Michael Kroll - Bass
Georg Razerberger - Guitars
Additional notes
Korova changed their name to Korovakill.

``Korova`` means ``The cow`` in Russian.

Martina Astner : Vocals
Susanne Eckbauer : Thermine, glassorgan
Herwig Huber : Guitar
Moritz Neuner : Drums
Christof Niederwieser : Vocals, guitars, keyboards
Florian Oberlechner : Bass, accordion
1.Europa In Flammen06:32
2.Strangulation Alpha06:21
3.Our Reality Dissolves06:56
4.Trip To The Bleeding Planets08:02
5.Dead Like An Angel04:55
6.Echoworld Caravans01:54
7.Der Schlafmann Kommt10:46
Total playing time52:09


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