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Dim Mak- Knives Of Ice (2006)

Death Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Mythology, Fantasy, Marital Arts, Battles
Origin Formed in Current label Status
United States of America (Red Bank, NJ) 1996 Willowtip Records Active
Current line-up
Scott Ruth - Vocals (ex-Ripping Corpse, The Beast (US))
Shaune Kelley - Guitar (ex-Ripping Corpse)
Scot Hornick - Bass (Alas, Faust (US), Ripping Corpse)
John Longstreth - Drums (Origin, ex-Skinless, Angelcorpse, ex-The Red Chord, Possession (US), ex-Exhumed (US))
Former/past member(s)
Dennis Carroll - Bass (ex-Torture Krypt)
Brandon Thomas - Drums (The Dying Light, ex-Ripping Corpse)
Ben Danberger - Bass
Additional notes
The name 'Dim Mak' comes from the Chinese 'Death Touch' i.e pressure points in martial arts that are able to cause instant death. Needless to say the band is a huge fan of all martial arts.

Full-length, Willowtip Records
April 25th, 2006

1. Knives of Ice 03:00
2. Seeing Crows in Silver 02:15
3. Great Worm of Hell 05:50
4. Devil Finding Mirror 04:43
5. Incident at the Temple at Leng 04:17
6. Notorious Vectors of Disease 04:20
7. Weakener 03:17
8. Windowpane 04:16
9. Perpetuating Corpses 03:58
10. Monolith 04:24
Total playing time 40:21


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