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Hacksaw To The Throat - Wastelands (2007)

Band: HackSaw To The Throat
Album: Wastelands
Genre: Progressive Death Metal / Experimental Grindcore
Country: USA


1. Breaking Point
2. Wastelands
3. Divide by Zero
4. The Descent
5. Erebus
6. Obsidian Sun
7. Cascading Down
8. Destroying the Vile Red Falcon
9. Whisper Perfect Lies
Total playing time 01:09:07


Nomad (Pol) - The Independence Of Observation Choice (2007)

Band: Nomad
Album: The Independence Of Observation Choice
Genre: Death Metal
Country: Poland

.Liberation (Intro)

2.The Slanderer

3.Dies Irae (The Day Of Wrath)

4.The Independence Of Observation Choice

5.The Well Of Sorrow (Intro)

6.My True Home

7.To Burn At Dawn

8.The Last True Words Of Christ (Intro)

9.I'm Waiting For The Wind

10.Rotten Song (Intro)

11.Funeral On The Scaffold Of Dreams

12.IX (BULLDOZER cover)


Pyorrhoea - The Eleventh: Thou Shalt Be My Slave (2006)

Band: Pyorrhoea
Album: The Eleventh: Thou Shalt Be My Slave
Genre: Brutal Death/Grind
Country: Poland


2.Rules of Slavery03:16
3.Stolen Freedom03:33
4.Miserable Existence02:13
5.Hidden Under Sanctity03:34
6.Bad Monk02:24
7.Natural Born Enemies03:53
8.Your Master - Your God02:30
10.Nothing He Can Do02:53
12.Far from Truth02:43
13.Forbidden Extasy04:51
Total playing time36:52


Kronos (Fra)- Colossal Titan Strife (2003)

Band: Kronos
Album: Colossal Titan Strife
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Country: France

.Mythological Bloodbath00:40
2.Colossal Titan Strife03:36
5.With Eaque Sword04:36
6.Aeternum Pharaos Curse04:09
8.Monumental Carnage04:43
11.Infernal Worms Fields05:49
Total playing time42:36


Orchidectomy - Demo 05 (2005)

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Album: demo 2005
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Country: Canada

1.Celestial Excrutiations02:27
2.Fourth Blessed Gorge02:49
3.Lascivious Embludgeonment (Of A Harlequin Fetus )02:01
Total playing time07:17

These guys mix up influences from Foetopsy, Devourment, Brodequin, and Liturgy and slop it all-together into one big heap of brutal grinding death metal!!

One of the highlights of this band is definitely the drummer, clocking in at 280+ BPM's, and he's only 16!! He mixes it up with some gravity blasts and some unique cymbal work. The vocals are definitely on par with gurgling greats such as Wayne Knupp, Ruben Rosas, Jamie Bailey, Matti Way, and many more. The guitar/bass work sounds in the vein of Liturgy with some Devourment-style slam thrown in. Definitely brutal and punishing to the ears. Although there's not much that can be said about a 3 song demo, they just got signed to Unmatched Brutality, I'd expect plenty of punishing deathgrind from them in the future. With better production and many more songs!!

Definitely worth the time/money to check out.
pass: devastator666


Soils of Fate- Crime Sindicate (2003)

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Band: Soils of Fate
Album: Crime Syndicate
Genre: Brutal Deat Metal
Country: Sweden


1.Killaz Beware04:20
2.Omertá (Men Of Honor / Codex Of Silence)03:54
3.Blood Money03:23
6.Murder Inc.01:18
7.Flowing Under Skin 2.003:21
9.Devoid Of Truth (Suffocation cover)02:26
Total playing time28:40


Putridity (Ita) - Mental Prolapse Induces Necrophilism (2007)

IPB Image

Band: Putidrity
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Country: Italy
1. Intro 01:35
2. Abortifacient Whore Lobotomizer 02:19
3. Molesting Vomited Decapitation 03:37
4. Zombie Oral Sex 02:26
5. Concious In Rigor Mortis 02:49
6. Fermented Entrails 01:36
7. Necrophiliac Limitations 03:13
8. Convulsive Incestuous Devourment 02:31
9. Pursue The Suicidal Breed 07:46
Total playing time 27:52


Defeated Sanity - Psalms of The Moribund (2007)

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1.Stoned Then Defiled02:31
2.Fatal Self Inflicted Disfigurement03:13
3.Prelude To The Tragedy02:02
4.Hideously Disembodied04:46
5.Butchered Identity04:19
6.Psalms of The Moribund03:58
7.Engorged With Humiliation02:51
8.Arousal Through Punishment01:42
9.Artifacts of Desolation03:44
Total playing time29:10


Inveracity - Extermination of Millions (2007)


Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Country: Greece


1.Exposing The Semihumans02:10
2.Visions of Coming Apocalypse02:43
3.Extermination of Millions02:29
4.Forced Prostitution02:33
5.Shrouded In Solitary02:23
6.Vicious Pretension03:12
7.Behind The Walls of Derangement02:32
9.Era of Submission03:33
10.Raped *02:36
11.Before The Uncreation04:44
Total playing time31:23


Martyr (Can) - Feeding the Abscess (2006)

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1.Perpetual Healing (Infinite Pain)05:32
2.Lost in Sanity04:56
3.Feast of Vermin03:37
4.Interlude - Desolate Ruins01:02
6.Nameless, Faceless, Neverborn05:35
7.Silent Science04:28
9.Part I : Echoes of the Unseen02:22
10.Part II : Romancing Ghouls02:35
11.Part III : Stasis Field00:35
12.Part IV : Shellshocked03:01
13.Brain Scan (Voivod cover)05:31
Total playing time48:24


Execration (US) - Infernal Annhilation Demo (2007)

Brutal Death from USA

1.No Remorse03:48
2.The Stench of Human02:57
3.Full Fist Sodomy03:29
Total playing time10:14


miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2007

Divine Heresy- BLeed The Filth (2007)

Band: Divine Heresy
Genre: Extreme Industrial/death Metal
Country: USA
Current line-upTommy Cummings - Vocals (Vext)
Dino Cazares - Guitars (ex-Fear Factory, ex-Brujeria, Asesino)
Joe Payne - Bass (ex-Nile, Domination Through Impurity, ex-Lecherous Nocturne, Lust of Decay)
Tim Yeung - Drums (ex-Decrepit Birth, Agiel, Aurora Borealis (US), Vital Remains, Hate Eternal, Council of the Fallen, All that Remains (Live Session))

1.Bleed The Fifth03:06
2.Failed Creation03:37
3.This Threat Is Real04:23
4.Impossible Is Nothing03:55
5.Savior Self03:18
6.Rise Of The Scorned04:54
7.False Gospel03:20
8.Soul Decoded (Now And Forever)04:01
9.Royal Blood Heresy04:42
Total playing time38:49