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Vile- Discografia


Unearthed 1996

Vile-ation 1997

Full Lenghts:

Wormed - Planisphaerium (2003)

Wormed - 2003 - Planisphaerium
Genre: Experimental Brutal Death from Spain. Sick stuff.

1. Tunnel Of Ions
2. Geodesic Dome
3. Voxel Mitosis
4. Fragments
5. Ylem
6. Planisphaerium
7. Pulses In Rhombus Forms
8. Dehydrating


Rush- Test For Echo (1996)

est for Echo is the sixteenth studio album by Canadian rock band Rush, released in 1996 (see 1996 in music).

The song "Driven" would become a common bass showcase for bassist Geddy Lee during future tours. Also, "Resist" would eventually grow into an unplugged "folk" song on the Vapor Trails and R30 tours. "Limbo" would become the band's most recent instrumental; it also marked the third Rush album in a row to feature one. By this point, Rush's song lengths were decreasing slightly, but still remained at 4-5 minutes on average. The album also marks the final Rush work prior to the events in Neil Peart's life that halted the band for half a decade.
Track listing

1. "Test for Echo" – 5:55
2. "Driven" – 4:27
3. "Half the World" – 3:42
4. "The Color of Right" – 4:48
5. "Time and Motion" – 5:01
6. "Totem" – 4:58
7. "Dog Years" – 4:55
8. "Virtuality" – 5:43
9. "Resist" – 4:23
10. "Limbo" – 5:28
11. "Carve Away the Stone" – 4:05


Agiel- Dark Pantheons Again Will Reign (2002)

Brutal Death Metal/Grind
Origin Formed in Last label Status
United States of America (Rochester, New York) 1997 Unique Leader Split-up

Last known line-up
James Taylor - Vocals, keyboards
Mike Dillio - Guitars
Rich Buzzell - Bass

Former/past member(s)
Kris Piper - Bass (ex-Veneral Messiah)
Michael Lund - Bass (1998)
Jon Zynda - Bass (1998-1999)(2004)
Jody Roberts - Guitar (2000) (Kalibas, Skodag, Kill the Client, A Death Between Seasons)
Tony Marchiano - Drums (2003-2004) (Gutterslut, New Skin)
Tim Yeung - Drums (Vital Remains, ex-Hate Eternal, ex-Decrepit Birth, ex-Council of the Fallen, ex-Aurora Borealis (US))

Additional notes
Agiel is a brutal death metal band from Rochester, New York who officially formed in 1997. They were signed to Unique Leader Records until a falling out over contract issues. The founding members of Agiel are James Taylor and Mike Dillio.


Odious Mortem- Cryptic Implosion (2007)

1 Fragmented Oblivion
2 The Endless Regression of Mind
3 Dysmorphic Avulsion
4 Vile Progeny
5 Conjoint Species
6 Nux Vomica
7 Gestation of Worms
8 Subcortical Desiccation
9 Domain of the Eternal Paradox
10 Collapse of Recreation (featuring Ron Jarzombek)

Anthony Trapani - Vocals
Dan Eggers - Guitars
Joel Horner - Bass
KC Howard - Drums
Engineered/Produced by Zack Ohren at Castle Ultimate Studios (Oakland, CA 11/06) | Artwork by Pär Olofss

Willowtip is extremely happy to announce the signing of Santa Cruz, CA's technical death metal outfit, ODIOUS MORTEM... ODIOUS will enter Castle Ultimate Studios ( Oakland , CA ) with Zack Ohren this month to record (their second album) Cryptic Implosion. Made up of 10 tracks, one of which will feature a guest guitar solo by Ron Jarzombek (SPASTIC INK, WATCHTOWER)... Cryptic Implosion will be released in early 2007." We'd like to thank Unique Leader Records as well for releasing our debut and all in Deeds of Flesh for helping build the California death metal scene.


The Faceless- Akeldama (2006)

Progressive Death Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Life, Death, Anger
United States of America (Encino, California)

Formed In

Current Label
Sumerian Records


Current line-up
Michael Keene - Guitar, Vocals
Steve Jones - Guitar
Derek Rydquist - Vocals
Brandon Giffin - Bass
Michael Sherer - Keyboards
Marco Pitruzella - Drums (Vörnagar, Vital Remains, Brain Drill)

Former/past member(s)
Brad Battdorf - Drums
Jeff - Vocals (I Got Shot in the Face)
Nick Pierce - Drums (ex-Embalmed (US))
Additional notes
Nick Pierce left the band to try out for The Black Dahlia Murder. He didn't make it.


Diabolic- Posssed By Death (2007)

Diabolic - Possessed by Death

Artist................: Diabolic
Album................: Possessed by Death
Genre................: Death Metal
Source...............: NMR
Year..................: 2007
Ripper................: NMR
Codec................: LAME 3.97
Version..............: MPEG 1 Layer III
Quality...............: CBR 192, (avg. bitrate: 192kbps)
Channels............: Stereo / 44100 hz
Tags..................: ID3 v1.1, ID3 v2.4

Ripped by............: NMR
Posted by............: hondoh on 28.04.2007
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Included.............: NFO, SFV, M3U
Covers...............: Front


1. (00:03:23) Diabolic - Devour the Subconscious
2. (00:03:45) Diabolic - Possessed By Death
3. (00:04:01) Diabolic - Avulsions Of the Soul

Playing Time.........: 00:11:09
Total Size............: 15,31 MB


Skinless- Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead (2006)

1. Overlord
2. A unilateral disgust
3. Deviation will not be tolerated
4. Trample the weak, hurdle the dead
5. Spoils of the sycophant
6. Endvisioned
7. Execution of reason
8. Wicked world (black sabbath cover)

Este es el ultimo trabajo de la banda Skinless, disfrutenlo muy brutal.

Descarguen Aqui.

Hate- Anaclasis: A Haunting Gospel Of Malice And Hatred (2005)

Brutal Death Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Hate, Death, Satanism, Anti-Christian
Origin Formed in Current label Status
Poland (Warszawa) 1990 Listenable/ Empire Records Active
Current line-up
Adam The First Sinner - Lead guitar, Vocals
Cyprian - Bass Guitar (Pyorrhoea, ex-Devilyn)
Hexen - Drums (Chaosphere (Pol), Damned, Arathyr, ex-Arren, Arkona (Pol), ex-Opus Nocturne, session drums for Sunwheel)

Lukas - guitar (Pyorrhoea, Sphere (Pol))
Former/past member(s)
Kamil ``Hellbeast`` Kondracki - Guitar (Chaosphere (Pol), Damned, ex-Arren)
Hellrizer - Drums (ex-Saltus, ex-Gortal, ex-Goetia (Pol), Pascal, Deaf's Point, Discordian, Carnal (Pol), session for Legacy of Blood)
Kaos - Rhythm Guitar (Revelation of Doom)
Mittloff - Drums (Domain (Pol), Goetia (Pol), Riverside, Dark Prophecies, ex-Thunderbolt (Pol), session for Kataxu & Swastyka)
Ralph - Lead Guitar (Dark Prophecies)
Quack - Lead Guitar (ex-Imperator (Pol))
Daniel, Martin - Bass, Vocals

Cyklon (Tomasz Wêglewski) - bass (Devilyn, ex-Hellfire (Pol), ex-Gortal, Teratosis)