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Cadaveria - Far Away Form Conformity (2004)

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Cannibal Corpse - Kill (2006)

Brutalidad es lo que describe este álbum, sin duda alguna la banda vuelve a demostrar una agresividad increíble. !!DISFRUTENLO!!! Mazana Pordrida Gracias por este álbum.

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Cadaveria - In your Blood (2007)

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Azarath- Discografia

IPB Image
Demon Seed (2001)
1. Earthly Morgue 03:57
2. Doombringer 03:17
3. Awaiting Eternity of Fire 02:30
4. Heavens Light Demise 03:34
5. Taedium Vitae 01:22
6. Destroy Yourself 01:38
7. Deathlike Silence 03:57
8. Traitors 02:43
9. Mindloss 02:38
10. Nightskies Burial Ground 04:34
Total playing time 30:10


IPB Image

Infernal Blasting
pass: strigoi
IPB Image
AZARATH/STILLBORN- "Death Monsters" Split 2004


1. Thousand Faced-Bitch

2. Anti-God, Anti-Human

3. Wrath, Death & Destruction


4. Earthly Morgue

5. Doombringer

6. Heavens Light Demise

7. Nightskies Burial Ground

Here We have two Polish bands,The AZARATH tracks are from the Promo 2000.[b]

IPB Image

Brutal Death Metal/black Death Metal

AZARATH was formed in October 1998 by Inferno, Bruno and D.
The first recordings were: "Traitors"demo and Promo'2000.
The band played many shows and later - already with Bart who filled the line-up - they recorded debut album "DEMON SEED" in Hertz Studio. Album contains 10 songs of terrifying brutal death metal, aggressive, dirty and sinister. No fucking mercy and time for repose!!! With no doubt it's one of the most extremely death metal albums. The band got great response and reviews and also invitation from VADER for Polish part of REVELATIONS TOUR 2002.
During last days of August 2003 the band recorded second album �INFERNAL BLASTING� in Hendrix Studio. This album got even more fuckin' great reviews than the debut one.
After recording session of "Infernal Blasting" D. left the band because of personal reasons. The band found the second guitarist - Trufel from Yattering - and with him in line-up started to promote new album.

Diabolic Impious Evil

PASS: strigo

Killswitch Engage - Alive or Just Breathing - (2002)

1. Numbered Days
2. Self Revolution
3. Fixation on the Darkness
4. My Last Serenade
5. Life to Lifeless
6. Just Barely Breathing
7. To the Sons of Man
8. Temple From the Within
9. Element of One
10. Vide Infra
11. Without a Name
12. Rise Inside

Burning Inside - The Eve of the Entities (1999)

Full-length, Still Dead Productions

1. Words Of Wyndham (Intro) 01:31
2. The Eve Of The Entities 06:57
3. My Own 03:01
4. The Unknown 05:27
5. Masque 02:36
6. Engulfed In Flames 06:23
7. The Valley Of Unrest 01:22
8. Blind To All That Exist 06:46
9. Chapters Of Youth 02:53
10. Drained Of Essence 05:25
11. Everlasting Sleep (Outro) 01:43
Total playing time 44:04

"I am quite amazed that this band has not attracted more attention with this album. The fact that it features Richard Christy (DEATH/CONTROL DENIED/DEMONS & WIZARDS/ICED EARTH) pounding the skins should turn some heads. And upon the opening seconds of the title-track, your fucking head will SPIN. The quintessential spastic drum-frenzy of Christy goes into full-effect, and of course, he rarely lets up from there, decorating even the most basic of Death Metal-riffs with anything he can seemingly reach on his drumkit. Were it not for the drumming, this band would not be the juggernaut it turns out to be, it simply would not be BURNING INSIDE...

The riffs and vocals are pretty standard Floridian Death Metal with some progressive influences ala CYNIC or WATCHTOWER, nothing earth-shattering, but well-composed Death Metal nonetheless. The production is very clear, but retains a rawness that makes it very easy to get into, whereas certain overproduced Death Metal-albums tend to get redundant sounding from song to song."


Old Man´s Child (1995-2005)

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Bajar Aquí

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Gracias mella por el in Defiance of Existence

Odious Mortem- Discography

Brutal Death Metal

1.Nux Vomica04:56
2.Dysmorphic Avulsion02:05
3.Mortin's Neuronoma02:35
4.Gestation Of Worms


Devouring the Prophecy

1 Debacle By Cephalopod
2 Caverns Of Reason (mp3)
3 Nothing Beyond The Rot
4 Golden Excretion
5 Thought Disruption
6 Carpal Tunnel
7 Third Pawn
8 Morton's Neuronoma
9 Gristle Dripping Scab
10 Cerebral Dissection (mp3)

Dan Eggers - Guitar, Vocals, Bass
David Siskin - Guitar, Backing Vocals
KC Howard - Drums

This is the first full length of the band, this release is very technical, as well brutal and fast as shit, but the aspect of technical it would be wrap in quote, a very good release.

1 Fragmented Oblivion
2 The Endless Regression of Mind
3 Dysmorphic Avulsion
4 Vile Progeny
5 Conjoint Species
6 Nux Vomica
7 Gestation of Worms
8 Subcortical Desiccation
9 Domain of the Eternal Paradox
10 Collapse of Recreation (featuring Ron Jarzombek)

Anthony Trapani - Vocals
Dan Eggers - Guitars
Joel Horner - Bass
KC Howard - Drums
Engineered/Produced by Zack Ohren at Castle Ultimate Studios (Oakland, CA 11/06) | Artwork by Pär Olofss

Willowtip is extremely happy to announce the signing of Santa Cruz, CA's technical death metal outfit, ODIOUS MORTEM... ODIOUS will enter Castle Ultimate Studios ( Oakland , CA ) with Zack Ohren this month to record (their second album) Cryptic Implosion. Made up of 10 tracks, one of which will feature a guest guitar solo by Ron Jarzombek (SPASTIC INK, WATCHTOWER)... Cryptic Implosion will be released in early 2007." We'd like to thank Unique Leader Records as well for releasing our debut and all in Deeds of Flesh for helping build the California death metal scene.

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All that Remains - The Fall of Ideals (2006)

This Calling03:38
2.Not Alone03:30
3.It Dwells In Me03:14
4.We Stand03:47
5.Whispers (I Hear Your)03:39
6.The Weak Willed04:05
8.Become The Catalyst03:06
9.The Air That I Breathe03:34
10.Empty Inside03:22
Total playing time38:59


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Angelcorpse - Of Lucifer And Lightning (2007)

La imagen “http://static.metal-archives.com/images/1/4/8/7/148719.jpg” no puede mostrarse, porque contiene errores.

1.Credo Decimatus01:27
2.Antichrist Vanguard03:27
3.Machinery of The Cleansing03:29
5.Extermination Sworn03:49
6.Saints of Blasphemy06:03
8.Shining One (Rex Luciferi)05:07
Total playing time36:16

Krisiun - Works of Carnage (2003)

1 Thorns Of Heaven
2 Murderer
3 Ethereal World
4 Works Of Carnage
5 Slaughtering Void
6 Scourged Centuries
7 War Ritual
8 Wolfen Tyranny
9 Sentinel Of The Fallen Earth
10 Shadows
11 In League With Satan (Venom cover)
12 Outro


Internal Suffering - Awakening of the Rebel (2006)


Artwork by Tony Koehl.

1.Intro: Thelemite Forces Attack00:47
2.Awakening of the Rebel02:28[view lyrics]
3.Magnificent Uranus Power03:00[view lyrics]
4.Transfiguration of the Devotee02:39[view lyrics]
5.Arrival of a New Aeon02:40[view lyrics]
6.Evocation of the Secret Gate04:05[view lyrics]
7.Masters of Sorcery02:55[view lyrics]
8.Ascension to Immortality02:52[view lyrics]
9.Highest Key of the Illuminati02:56[view lyrics]
10.Thelemic Conqueror03:21[view lyrics]
Total playing time27:43

pass; strigoi


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The Red Chord - Prey for Eyes (2007)

.Film Critiques and Militia Men01:05
2.Dread Prevailed03:16
3.It Runs in the Family02:08
4.Send the Death Storm03:25
5.Prey for Eyes04:33
7.Midas Touch02:38
8.Tread on the Necks of Kings03:08
9.It Came from Over There04:16
10.Intelligence Has Been Compromised02:44
11.Open-Eyed Beast Attack02:37
13.Bone Needle03:39
Total playing time45:54


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Enthroned (Bel) - XES Haereticum (2004)

IPB Image

1. Crimson Legions 04:42
2. Dance Of A Thousand Knives 03:43
3. Last Will 03:31
4. Blacker Than Black 04:05
5. Vortex Of Confusion 07:02
6. A.M.S.G 03:12
7. Daemon's Claw 03:10
8. Night Stalker 03:05
9. Seven Plagues, Seven Wrath (XES Revelations) 07:13
10. Hellgium Messiah 04:54
Total playing time 44:37

These Black/death metalers from belgium are the shit this is a must have.


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The Circle of Zaphyan - Flesh without soul (2003)

1.Flesh without soul04:58
2.Your inner wasteland to behold03:39
Total playing time08:37

La imagen “http://static.metal-archives.com/images/1/0/4/8/10480_photo.JPG” no puede mostrarse, porque contiene errores.

The Circle of Zaphyan
The Circle of Zaphyan
Death Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
space, strange phenomena of the universe, science
Origin Formed in Current label Status
Greece (Athens) 2002 Unsigned Active
Current line-up
Apollon Zigomalas - vocals
Athanassios Aggelis - guitars/keys
George Kollias - session drums (Nightfall (Grc), Nile, Sickening Horror, System Shock, Extremity Obsession)
Orestis - bass
Former/past member(s)
Kostas Savvidis - drums (ex-Nightfall (Grc), Septicemia (Grc))
Antonis Kollaros - drums
Ilias Daras - session bass Sickening Horror)

I was interested how good is Grecian metal scene. Firstly I saw The Circle Of Zaphyan name. It looked really attractive so I decided to dowlnload their demo from their website. I'm not dissapointed.
Not many bands take care of quality of sound in their demos. In case of TCOZ we have a great example that there are exceptions. Production of this release is on the highest level. We can delight in music without any obstacles. Athanassios Aggelis made a wonderful work just to give us piece of the most interesting music I ever heared. Songs are heavy, fast and powerful with few slower parts. Guitar solos, keys and samples make amazing atmosphere which brings you into some kind of trance. This sensation is just incredible.
In the end we want more and more. I can't wait for the full-lenght album. I hope it will be as good as this demo or even better :) I wish you all and myself more products on this level. Big applause for this band!


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Terrorizer- Darker Days Ahead (2006)

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1. Inevitable (intro) 01:03
2. Darker Days Ahead 03:46
3. Crematorium 03:54
4. Fallout 03:48
5. Doomed Forever 03:23
6. Mayhem 03:57
7. Blind Army 03:06
8. Nightmare 03:42
9. Legacy of Brutality 02:25
10. Dead Shall Rise V.06 03:32
11. Victim of Greed 04:11
12. Ghost Train (outro) 02:35
Total playing time 39:22


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Nile - Ithyphallic (2007)

Genre: Technical Brutal Death Metal
Info: Mp3, 192kbps, Joint Stereo
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Origin: United States of America

Release Date: July 20th

01. What May Safely Be Written
02. As He Creates, So He Destroys
03. Ithyphallic
04. Papyrus Containing The Spell To Preserve Its Possessor Against Attacks From He Who Is In The Water
05. Eat Of The Dead
06. Laying Fire Upon Apep
07. The Essential Salts
08. The Infinity Of Stone
09. The Language Of The Shadows
10. Even The Gods Must Die


this is the new album of the death metallers Nile, just download it!!!!!!!!!!!

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SCORPIONS - Humanity:Hour I (2007)

La imagen “http://static.metal-archives.com/images/1/5/0/0/150090.jpg” no puede mostrarse, porque contiene errores.

.Hour 103:26
2.The Game of Life04:04
3.We Were Born to Fly03:59
4.The Future Never Dies04:03
5.You're Lovin' Me to Death03:15
7.Love Will Keep Us Alive04:32
8.Your Last Song03:44
9.Love Is War04:20
10.Rise Again03:49
11.The Cross04:29
Total playing time49:00

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Gorgasm- 2 Albums

1.Anal Skewer02:44
2.Stitched Oral Asphyxia03:15
4.Lacerated Masturbation03:11
5.Masticate to Dominate02:40
6.Charred Vaginal Effluence02:34
7.Repulsive Cuntortion03:38
8.Concubine of Despise02:34
9.Seminal Embalment03:26
Total playing time30:26

3.Stabwound Intercourse02:10
5.Horrendous Rebirth03:23
6.Clitoral Circumcision02:27
Total playing time16:18


Imperial Sodomy - Demolished (2004)

La imagen “http://static.metal-archives.com/images/5/9/2/7/59270.jpg” no puede mostrarse, porque contiene errores.

Tracklisting :
01. Cool Shit
02. Castrated
03. Suicidation
04. I Hate Humans
05. Disigured Lacerator
06. Flesh Corruption
07. Mortal Unleashed
08. Chaos And Muscles
09. Death Forge
10. Death Is All

Brutal death metal from france, with members of Disavowed (only the drummer Romain Goulon), highly recomended.

Kiss - Animalize

Banda: Kiss
Album: Animalize
Año: 1984
Estilo: Hard Rock

Lista de Temas:

01. I've Had Enough (Into the Fire)
02. Heaven's on Fire
03. Burn Bitch Burn
04. Get All You Can Take
05. Lonely is the Hunter
06. Under the Gun
07. Thrills in the Night
08. While the City Sleeps
09. Murder in High Hells

pass: www.chilewarez.org

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Keep of Kalessin- Reclaim EP (2004)

3.Come Damnation06:48
Total playing time27:05

Seth (Fra) - Era-Decay (2004)

Seth (Fra)
Seth (Fra)
Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Anti-christian, Misanthropy, Science fiction
Origin Formed in Last label Status
France (Bordeaux) 1996 Avantgarde Music On hold
Last known line-up
Heimoth - Guitars, Keyboards (Void (UK))
Alsvid (Yannick Herrera) - Drums (ex-Monarchia Daemonium, Fornication (Fra), ex-Enthroned (Bel), Goatlord Corp., Griffar, Morning Rise (Fra))
Black Messiah - Vocals (Monarchia Daemonium)
Helldryk - Bass
Cyriex - Guitars (also in Voracious Gangrene)
Former/past member(s)
Nacht (Patrick Vernhes) - Guitars, Vocals (ex-Goatlord Corp., Fornication (Fra), Nachthymnen)
Faucon Noir - Bass
Arkdae - Session Keyboards (also in Dark Sanctuary, Deinonychus, Osculum Infame (Fra))
Vicomte Vampyre Arkames - vocals (Ad Inferna, L'Empire des Sens, Morning Rise (Fra)))
La imagen “http://static.metal-archives.com/images/3/6/7/2/36722.jpg” no puede mostrarse, porque contiene errores.
2.March of the Consistory04:50
3.Umbilical Cutting05:08
4.Co-Existent Species04:41
7.Xtasian Ostix05:42
8.A Pallbearer's Gloom04:56
9.The Blade Upon Mankind07:35
Total playing time42:13


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Immolation - Harnessing Ruin (2005)

1.Swarm of Terror03:19
2.Our Savior Sleeps03:41
3.Challenge the Storm04:01
4.Harnessing Ruin04:36
5.Dead to Me05:46
6.Son of Iniquity06:12
7.My Own Enemy06:52
8.Crown the Liar04:58
9.At Mourning's Twilight05:13
Total playing time44:38


Arcturus - The Sham Mirrors (2002)

IPB Image

Avant-garde, Atmospheric Black (early)

Lyrical theme(s)
Astronomy, The Supernatural, Literature

Norway (Oslo)

Formed in

Last label
Season of Mist


Last known line-up
Knut Magne Valle - Guitars (1997-) (ex-Ulver)
Hugh Stephen James Mingay (Skoll) - Bass (1996-) (ex-Ved Buens Ende,ex- Ulver, Fimbulwinter)
Steinar Sverd Johnsen - Keyboards (1987-) (ex-Covenant (Nor), Mortem (Nor), Satyricon)
Simen Hestnæs ``ICS Vortex`` - vocals, lyrics (2005-) (ex-Borknagar, Dimmu Borgir, Lamented Souls, Code)
Tore Moren - Guitars (Carnivora, ex-Jørn)
Jan Axel Von Blomberg (Hellhammer) - Drums (1987-) (ex-Antestor, Carnivora, ex-Covenant (Nor), ex-Jørn, Mayhem (Nor), Dimmu Borgir, Mezzerschmitt, ex-Mortem (Nor), ex-Shining (Swe), ex-The Kovenant, Thorns, Troll, ex-Vidsyn, Winds (Nor), Tritonus, Age of Silence)

Former/past member(s)
Kristoffer Rygg (Garm) (1993-2003) (Ulver, ex-Borknagar, Head Control System)
Øyvind Hægeland (2003-2005) (Spiral Architect, Manitou (Nor), Lunaris)

Tomas Thormodsæter Haugen (Samoth) (1993-1995) (Emperor, Zyklon, Zyklon-B (Nor), ex-Gorgoroth, ex-Burzum, ex-Thou Shalt Suffer, ex-Ildjarn, ex-Satyricon, Scum (Nor), Xerasia)
Carl August Tidemann (1996) (Tritonus, Winds (Nor))

Marius Vold - Bass, vocals (1987-1991) (Mortem (Nor), Thorns, Stigma Diabolicum (Nor))
Dag F. Gravem - Bass (2002) (Euroboys)

Additional notes
Official statement
Tue, 17 Apr 2007
Posted by: Webmaster

Official statement from Arcturus :

A lot of rumours have been going around after our gig in Melbourne. Simen opened the concert with the words "Welcome to the last Arcturus-show ever". This is a decision we made some time ago. We all have a lot of things going on in our carreers and our lives, and therefore can not find the time to continue working with this band.

We are humble and grateful to all the people that have supported and loved us over the years.


Steinar Sverd Johnsen
Simen Haestnes
Knut Magne Valle
Hugh Mingay
Tore Moren

Started as an atmospheric black metal side-project of Sverd and Hellhammer, who were also playing in a death metal band called Mortem (Nor). Later on, they evolved into an avantgarde band.

Øyvind Hægeland left the band on January 5, 2005, due to work commitments.

Simen Hestnæs officially joined Arcturus as a full time member on January 15, 2005

Domination Through Impurity - Essence of Brutality (2006)

La imagen “http://static.metal-archives.com/images/7/3/6/0/73600.jpg” no puede mostrarse, porque contiene errores.
Technical/ Brutal death metal from USA with members of Nile, Lust of Decay and Lividity.
1.Essence Of Brutality04:20
2.Pinned To A Guardrail02:52
3.In Rat We Trust01:51
4.Self Destructive Malevolence03:38
5.Terminal Gluttony02:41
6.Bit by a Rat01:21
7.Cleanse The Flesh03:41
Total playing time26:08

Pyorrhoea - Desire For Torment (2004)

Desire For Torment cover (Click to see larger picture)
Death/Grind from Poland
2.Excrements On Your Face
3.Masskill Symptom
4.Bondage Punishment Torture
5.Suicidal Masturbation
6.Anal Arousal
7.Addicted to Killing
9.Consume You
10.Desire for Torment
11.Chainsaw Dance
13.Hung On a Hook
14.Dead Orgy Scene


Pyrexia- Age of the Wicked (2007)

La imagen “http://static.metal-archives.com/images/1/4/2/1/142179.jpg” no puede mostrarse, porque contiene errores.
US Brutal death metal.
, Unique Leader Records
January 23rd, 2007

1.The Wicked Rise03:55
2.Prey The Weak03:07
5.Shackles of The Mind03:14
6.Season of Anguish02:44
7.Song of Hate02:01
8.Life Long Hate04:09
9.Ode To Brinn03:35
10.No Apologies01:54
Total playing time30:0


Visceral Bleeding- Absorbing the Disarray (2007)

01. Bi-polar
02. Disgust the Vile
03. Despise defined
04. Perpetual torment commence
05. Emulated sense: failure
06. Rip the flesh
07. Absorbing the disarray
08. Awakened by blood
09. Beyond the realms of reason
10. Bring forth the bedlam
11. Demise of the one that conquered

Technical Brutal death metal from Sweden this disc is a masterpiece i love it :D


Decapitated- Discography with all demos

Cemeteral Gardens.
Demo, Independent.

1. Intro
2. Destiny
3. Way To Salvation
4. Ereshkigal
5. Cemeteral Gardens


The Eye Of Horus.
Demo, Independent.

1. Intro
2. The Eye Of Horus
3. Blessed
4. The First Damned
5. Nine Steps
6. Danse Macabre (Outro)
7. Mandatory Suicide (Slayer Cover)


Note: These are the original demos, released by the bands during the aforementioned years.

01. Intro
02. The Eye of Horus
03. Blessed
04. The First Damned
05. Nine Steps
06. Dance Macabre
07. Mandatory Suicide
08. Destiny
09. Way To Salvation
10. Ereshkigal
11. Cemeteral Gardens
12. Way To Salvation - live
13. Nine Steps - live

"This is a one-CD release with the band's first two demos, titled "Cemeteral
Gardens" [1997] & "The Eye Of Horus" [1998] + two live songs that were recorded
during the Thrash ´Em All Festival 2000."In this compilation all the track from the first two demos all the track has been remastered.

Download The First Damned

La imagen “http://static.metal-archives.com/images/4/8/0/480.jpg” no puede mostrarse, porque contiene errores.

Winds of creation (2000)

Winds of creation DOWNLOAD

Full-length, Earache Records
February 19th, 2002

(note: this is a special edition with a napalm death cover)
01. Perfect Dehumanisation (The Answer?)
02. Eternity Too Short
03. Mother War
04. Nihility (Anti-Human Manifesto)
05. Names
06. Spheres Of Madness
07. Babylon's Pride
08. Symmetry Of Zero
09. Suffer the Children (Napalm Death cover) (Bonus Track)


The Negation cover (Click to see larger picture)

1.The Fury04:26
2.Three-Dimensional Defect03:57
3.Lying And Weak03:25
4.Sensual Sickness04:05
5.The Calling (instrumental)01:17
6.The Negation05:04
7.Long-Desired Dementia03:21
8.The Empty Throne04:41
9.Lunatic Of God's Creation (Deicide Cover)02:34
Total playing time32:50

The Negation DOWNLOAD

La imagen “http://static.metal-archives.com/images/1/0/2/1/102186.jpg” no puede mostrarse, porque contiene errores.
1.A Poem About An Old Prison Man04:39
2.Day 6903:12
3.Revelation of Existence (the trip)04:37
4.Post(?) Organic05:43
5.Visual Delusion05:53
7.Invisible Control04:46
Total playing time32:32

Organic Hallucinosis DOWNLOAD

Kataklysm- In the Arms Of Devastation (2006)


Death metal from Canada.
this release is more melodic compared to the old ones, but i think is a very solid release from this band.