domingo, 10 de junio de 2007

Council of the Fallen- Deciphering The Soul (2004)

Deciphering The Soul

1. Intro
2. Longing For Clarity
3. Acceptance In Silence
4. No Vision Of Prophecy
5. Scourge Of Thy Enemy
6. Distant Memories
7. Tempting Angelic Pride
8. Resurgence
9. Falling Through Decades
10. Repitition Breeds Insanity
11. Outro

Recorded at Mana Studios in Tampa, FL.
Engineered and mixed by Shawn Ohtani and Eric Rutan.
Mastered by Eric Rutan.
Season Of Mist 2004

Kevin Quirion:

Guitar, black vocals and whispers

Sean Baxter:

Bass guitar, death, clean and spoken vocals, violin, guitar and classical guitar

Shawn Ohtani:


Tim Yeung:



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