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Azarath- Discografia

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Demon Seed (2001)
1. Earthly Morgue 03:57
2. Doombringer 03:17
3. Awaiting Eternity of Fire 02:30
4. Heavens Light Demise 03:34
5. Taedium Vitae 01:22
6. Destroy Yourself 01:38
7. Deathlike Silence 03:57
8. Traitors 02:43
9. Mindloss 02:38
10. Nightskies Burial Ground 04:34
Total playing time 30:10


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Infernal Blasting
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AZARATH/STILLBORN- "Death Monsters" Split 2004


1. Thousand Faced-Bitch

2. Anti-God, Anti-Human

3. Wrath, Death & Destruction


4. Earthly Morgue

5. Doombringer

6. Heavens Light Demise

7. Nightskies Burial Ground

Here We have two Polish bands,The AZARATH tracks are from the Promo 2000.[b]

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Brutal Death Metal/black Death Metal

AZARATH was formed in October 1998 by Inferno, Bruno and D.
The first recordings were: "Traitors"demo and Promo'2000.
The band played many shows and later - already with Bart who filled the line-up - they recorded debut album "DEMON SEED" in Hertz Studio. Album contains 10 songs of terrifying brutal death metal, aggressive, dirty and sinister. No fucking mercy and time for repose!!! With no doubt it's one of the most extremely death metal albums. The band got great response and reviews and also invitation from VADER for Polish part of REVELATIONS TOUR 2002.
During last days of August 2003 the band recorded second album �INFERNAL BLASTING� in Hendrix Studio. This album got even more fuckin' great reviews than the debut one.
After recording session of "Infernal Blasting" D. left the band because of personal reasons. The band found the second guitarist - Trufel from Yattering - and with him in line-up started to promote new album.

Diabolic Impious Evil

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