viernes, 29 de junio de 2007

Burning Inside - The Eve of the Entities (1999)

Full-length, Still Dead Productions

1. Words Of Wyndham (Intro) 01:31
2. The Eve Of The Entities 06:57
3. My Own 03:01
4. The Unknown 05:27
5. Masque 02:36
6. Engulfed In Flames 06:23
7. The Valley Of Unrest 01:22
8. Blind To All That Exist 06:46
9. Chapters Of Youth 02:53
10. Drained Of Essence 05:25
11. Everlasting Sleep (Outro) 01:43
Total playing time 44:04

"I am quite amazed that this band has not attracted more attention with this album. The fact that it features Richard Christy (DEATH/CONTROL DENIED/DEMONS & WIZARDS/ICED EARTH) pounding the skins should turn some heads. And upon the opening seconds of the title-track, your fucking head will SPIN. The quintessential spastic drum-frenzy of Christy goes into full-effect, and of course, he rarely lets up from there, decorating even the most basic of Death Metal-riffs with anything he can seemingly reach on his drumkit. Were it not for the drumming, this band would not be the juggernaut it turns out to be, it simply would not be BURNING INSIDE...

The riffs and vocals are pretty standard Floridian Death Metal with some progressive influences ala CYNIC or WATCHTOWER, nothing earth-shattering, but well-composed Death Metal nonetheless. The production is very clear, but retains a rawness that makes it very easy to get into, whereas certain overproduced Death Metal-albums tend to get redundant sounding from song to song."

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