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Seth (Fra) - Era-Decay (2004)

Seth (Fra)
Seth (Fra)
Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Anti-christian, Misanthropy, Science fiction
Origin Formed in Last label Status
France (Bordeaux) 1996 Avantgarde Music On hold
Last known line-up
Heimoth - Guitars, Keyboards (Void (UK))
Alsvid (Yannick Herrera) - Drums (ex-Monarchia Daemonium, Fornication (Fra), ex-Enthroned (Bel), Goatlord Corp., Griffar, Morning Rise (Fra))
Black Messiah - Vocals (Monarchia Daemonium)
Helldryk - Bass
Cyriex - Guitars (also in Voracious Gangrene)
Former/past member(s)
Nacht (Patrick Vernhes) - Guitars, Vocals (ex-Goatlord Corp., Fornication (Fra), Nachthymnen)
Faucon Noir - Bass
Arkdae - Session Keyboards (also in Dark Sanctuary, Deinonychus, Osculum Infame (Fra))
Vicomte Vampyre Arkames - vocals (Ad Inferna, L'Empire des Sens, Morning Rise (Fra)))
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2.March of the Consistory04:50
3.Umbilical Cutting05:08
4.Co-Existent Species04:41
7.Xtasian Ostix05:42
8.A Pallbearer's Gloom04:56
9.The Blade Upon Mankind07:35
Total playing time42:13


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