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Divine Heresy- BLeed The Filth (2007)

Band: Divine Heresy
Genre: Extreme Industrial/death Metal
Country: USA
Current line-upTommy Cummings - Vocals (Vext)
Dino Cazares - Guitars (ex-Fear Factory, ex-Brujeria, Asesino)
Joe Payne - Bass (ex-Nile, Domination Through Impurity, ex-Lecherous Nocturne, Lust of Decay)
Tim Yeung - Drums (ex-Decrepit Birth, Agiel, Aurora Borealis (US), Vital Remains, Hate Eternal, Council of the Fallen, All that Remains (Live Session))

1.Bleed The Fifth03:06
2.Failed Creation03:37
3.This Threat Is Real04:23
4.Impossible Is Nothing03:55
5.Savior Self03:18
6.Rise Of The Scorned04:54
7.False Gospel03:20
8.Soul Decoded (Now And Forever)04:01
9.Royal Blood Heresy04:42
Total playing time38:49


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no lo recomendaria, no lo clasificaria cmo BRUTAL death metal.

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Bleed the Fifth is the debut studio album by Divine Heresy, released in the United States on August 28, 2007. The album sold approximately 2,700 copies in its first week of release.[6] The album name is a play on the American judicial system Fifth Amendment (To plead the Fifth Amendment).

Track Listing

1. "Bleed the Fifth" – 3:06
2. "Failed Creation" – 3:37
3. "This Threat is Real" – 4:23
4. "Impossible is Nothing" – 3:55
5. "Savior Self" – 3:18
6. "Rise of the Scorned" ft. Tony Campos, Nicholas Barker, Logan Mader & Marc Rizzo – 4:54
7. "False Gospel" – 3:20
8. "Soul Decoded (Now and Forever)" – 4:01
9. "Royal Blood Heresy" ft. Logan Mader – 4:42
10. "Closure" ft. Tony Campos & Logan Mader – 3:33
11. "Purity Defiled" – 3:31 (Japanese bonus track)