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Orchidectomy - Demo 05 (2005)

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Album: demo 2005
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Country: Canada

1.Celestial Excrutiations02:27
2.Fourth Blessed Gorge02:49
3.Lascivious Embludgeonment (Of A Harlequin Fetus )02:01
Total playing time07:17

These guys mix up influences from Foetopsy, Devourment, Brodequin, and Liturgy and slop it all-together into one big heap of brutal grinding death metal!!

One of the highlights of this band is definitely the drummer, clocking in at 280+ BPM's, and he's only 16!! He mixes it up with some gravity blasts and some unique cymbal work. The vocals are definitely on par with gurgling greats such as Wayne Knupp, Ruben Rosas, Jamie Bailey, Matti Way, and many more. The guitar/bass work sounds in the vein of Liturgy with some Devourment-style slam thrown in. Definitely brutal and punishing to the ears. Although there's not much that can be said about a 3 song demo, they just got signed to Unmatched Brutality, I'd expect plenty of punishing deathgrind from them in the future. With better production and many more songs!!

Definitely worth the time/money to check out.
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