viernes, 27 de julio de 2007

Lykathea Aflame - Elvenefris (2000)

Band: Lykathea Aflame
Genre: Technical Death/Grind
Country: Czech Republic

1.Land Where Sympathy Is Air05:50
2.To Become Shelter And Salvation04:35
3.Bringer Of Elvenefris Flame06:00
4.Flowering Entities05:45
5.To Give03:58
6.On The Way Home06:36
7.Shine Of Consolation03:39
8.Sadness And Strength08:05
9.A Step Closer07:20
10.An Old Man And A Child09:10
11.Walking In The Garden Of Ma'at11:15
Total playing time01:12:13
One of the Best Death Metal album i've heard in my life... just listen and enjoy this masterpiece, some critics say that this one of the best death metal albums in history, and reviews in metal web pages like metal archives, the metal observer argue that.


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