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Ulcerate- Of Frature And Failure (2007)





NEW ZEALAND Brutal Death Metal Active 2000
Jamie Saint Merat - Percussion (Abystic Ritual)
Michael Hoggard - Guitars
Michael Rothwell - Guitars (Graymalkin, Grenade Kills 3)
Paul Kelland - Bass (Asphyxiate (Nzl), Abystic Ritual)
Ben Read - Vocals (8 Foot Sativa)


James Wallace - Vocals (Abystic Ritual)
Mark Seeney - Vocals
Phil Smathers - Bass
Jared Commerer - Guitars
Reuben - Bass
Phil K. (Graymalkin, Vassafor) - Bass


In late 2000, the foundation of Ulcerate was formed by Jamie Saint Merat, Michael Hoggard, together with the addition of vocalist Mark Seeny, then under the moniker 'Bloodwreath'. With some line-up changes by the enlisting of guitarist Jared Commerer, and James Wallace in 2002, to replace departing members this new line-up and some more focus the band tracked four tracks of the first recording effort. This caused the band to change names to "Ulcerate". While it was fairly removed from Ulcerate's current sound and direction, this S/T 2003 demo proved to be a solid platform from which the band could evolve. Throughout 2003 the band continued to build from the success off the S/T demo and by late November tracking was already underway for 'The Coming Of Genocide' EP. During this recording process Jared Commerer decided he wished to focus on his jazz bass playing and chose to leave Ulcerate. Michael Rothwell joined soon after. Also at this time Ulcerate's first permanent bassist was enlisted in the form of Phil Kusabs. For the second time in as many years local support for the band built rapidly off the back of a release - this time with 'The Coming Of Genocide'. While 2004 proved to be a highly successful year with a solid line-up, by mid 2005 the decision was made to further refine the Ulcerate 'sound', and the band opted to move to a cleaner finger style bass approach, adding an extra dimension to the sound. Thus Paul Kelland was recruited with the departure of Phil Kusabs. Early 2006 vocalist James Wallace departed, with Ben Read (ex-Kill Me Quickly, Misadventures in Self Surgery) filling his vacancy bringing an entirely different sound and a formidable set of lungs to the band on the eve of completing their debut full-length for Holland based Neurotic Records.


"Of Fracture And Failure "
(Neurotic Records)

1. Praise and Negation

2. Ad Nauseam

3. The Mask of the Satyr

4. Becoming the Lycanthrope

5. To Fell Goliath

6. Martyr of the Soil

7. Failure

8. The Coming of Genocide

9. Defaeco


Very recomendable is album, for me is one of the most exciting albums i've heard 10/10

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