jueves, 26 de mayo de 2011

Supreme Pain- Divine Incarnation (2011)

Supreme  Pain-Divine Incarnation (2011)

Genre Death Metal
Country: Netherlands
Avg. Bitrate 269 kb/sec
Size 91 MB

Alesa Sare Bass
Paul Beltman Drums
See also: Blastcorps, ex-Judgement Day, ex-Passion, ex-Scrotum, ex-Fondlecorpse, ex-Sinister
Bas Brussard Guitars
See also: Fondlecorpse, ex-Infinited Hate
Erwin Harreman Guitars
See also: ex-Concrete Earth, ex-Ceremony
Aad Kloosterwaard Vocals
See also: Sinister, ex-Monastery, ex-Infinited Hate, ex-Blastcorps, ex-Houwitser, ex-Thanatos

1. Towards Hell
2. Damned Creation
3. Divine Incarnation
4. Putrefied Beauty
5. The Fallen Kingdom
6. Treasonous Disease
7. Spiritual Sickness
8. Trapped In Heresy
9. The Dark Army

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