domingo, 31 de octubre de 2010

Masachist- Death March Fury (2009)

Genre: Death metal
Country: Poland
Wojciech "Sauron"/"Pig" W¹sowicz - Vocals (Decapitated (Pol), Anal Stench) (2008-)
Trufel - Vocals, Guitar (Azarath, Yattering)
Dariusz "Daray" Brzozowski - Drums (Dimmu Borgir, Vader, Vesania (Pol), Neolithic, Sunwheel, Pyorrhoea, Black River, Hunter (Pol))
Aro - Guitar (Shadows Land, Torquemada (Pol))
Heinrich - Bass (Vesania (Pol), Rootwater, UnSun)

1.Unveil The Grave 02:52
2.Inborn Obedience 01:46
3.Womb 03:24
4.Open The Wounds 03:02
5.Noxious 01:48
6.Malicious Cleansing 03:06
7.Appearance Of The Worm 06:15
8.Crush Them!!! 01:52
9.Death Shall March 02:05
Total playing time26:12

A great all star death metal outfit. Recomended to those who like modern death metal with a touch of the classic one. Or if you're into bands like Behemoth, Lost Soul, Decapitated, Azarath, Nile, etc. This band will please you. Nothing groundbreaking or redefinding, but damn well played, fast and intense death metal.

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